One bedrooms starting at $334,900|Two bedrooms starting at $429,900


Frequently Asked Questions

Where will The Keep be located?

The Keep is ideally located at the intersection of Vernon Street and Quinpool Road.  

I’m interested in Commercial space

Our commercial space is being leased by Steven Dexter at Cushman Wakefield Atlantic. You can contact Steven directly at 902 425 0377.

What is a Keep?

A keep is the innermost and strongest structure or central tower of a castle.

The name is a metaphor for the strength of the building and its central location in Halifax.

Where is the Showroom Located

The showroom for The Keep is located at 6009 Quinpool Road on the corner of Quinpool and Robie.

Do I Need to Purchase a Condominium Pre-Construction?

For you to take advantage of the widest variety of selection, we recommend reserving your desired condominium at your earliest opportunity. Pre-construction pricing will end when the building becomes rooftight.